Is Kava Safe?

Drinking noble kava in small to moderate quantities has been shown to be safe, based on scientific studies such as the one conducted by the University of Melbourne. The latest report from the World Health Organization confirms that research strongly indicates that drinking noble kava root in moderate amounts is safe.

Kava has been used for centuries, perhaps even millennia, medicinally and socially by Pacific Islanders. Recently, health concerns have been raised about kava, particularly its negative effects of the liver. The main problem is that some supplement companies aren’t using genuine noble kava. Instead, they use tudei varieties of kava. Some vendors even sell kava root powders that contain the aerial parts of the plant, which can be harmful to humans when ingested.

As a consumer, you must be aware that not all kava products on the market are derived from noble kava root. We strongly advise against consuming non-noble kava because it puts your health at risk. You can trust KavaFX because we only use certified non-GMO noble kava root and never include the potentially harmful leaves and stems from the kava plant. All of our products are manufactured in Canada in a state-of-the art facility and undergo third-party testing to ensure quality. 


Is KavaFX Safe to Consume?

We take your health very seriously. That’s why we go to great lengths to only make the highest quality kava products on the market.

Our quality control starts at the source. KavaFX obtains kava from certified cultivars on the Pacific Island of Vanuatu where the greatest, strongest kava varieties come from. Next, we perform extensive DNA testing to ensure that only noble kava roots are used, without leaves or stems. Finally, our kava undergoes an anti-microbial analysis. The result is that you have a safe and ready-to-drink kava beverage or capsule that you can trust. When you buy KavaFX, you can rest assured knowing you are consuming extremely good kava.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any health conditions, including taking medications, suffering from an illness, or requiring medical treatment, consult your qualified health professional before taking KavaFX to find out whether it is safe for you.



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